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Some are heralding him as the savior of the Michigan program, our solution at quarterback and a kid who will bring us back to the traditional ways of pro-style quarterbacks.

Morris, 5* QB from Warren, MI took some time out to answer a few questions of mine.

Q: It’s obvious your stock has been on the rise and the hype about your game is at an all-time high. How do you deal with the hype? What keeps you grounded?

A: The hype can obviously get to people and sometimes it can be hard to keep grounded. But, my parents do a great job of keeping me level-headed and also my coaches do a great job of helping me as well.
Q: Did you ever expect this recruiting class (2013) to take off at such a fast pace like it has?
A: No, I honestly didn’t think it would be like this. I knew that it should be, but I didn’t think it would. Michigan’s a great place and people know that.
Q: Building off that, care to share your recruiting secrets? What are your major selling points about the University of Michigan that makes kids want to come here?

A: I don’t really have any secrets (laughs). I just let them know about Michigan and how amazing it is. I tell them about all of the benefits you get from earning a degree from the University of Michigan.
Q: Before attending school in Ann Arbor, what do you feel is the greatest area of your game that you feel you need to improve?
A: I need to improve on every aspect of my game before I arrive in Ann Arbor. I’m nowhere near where I want to be when I reach college and I need to work harder than ever to get there.
Q: Do you feel you can be ready to start game one as a true freshman? Do you feel like you can beat out Devin Gardner on the depth chart?
A: I’m working right now to start as a freshman. I need a lot of work and I need to develop physically and mentally in order to do that. Devin Gardner is a great quarterback and he will be a senior when I arrive. It will be his team and he is a great leader, but there is no way that I will just let him have the job. I want to push him every day in practice to make him be the best he can be. But obviously it’s my goal to start as a freshman just as it is everyone’s goal coming into college.
Q: I’m going to be asking the obvious here, but why Michigan?

A: I’ll just state the obvious answer. Why not? It’s Michigan. It’s the most amazing place in the world and there’s not a better school or football team out there.
Q: In your recruiting class, who are you the most excited to have already committed and who is your number one target?
A: I’m not excited over one kid more than I am over any other kid in our class. Our 2013 class is amazing and it’s only going to get better. We have great potential together and we just need to keep working hard and not settle.

Q: Can you drop any hints as to what Michigan fans may expect with the rest of this recruiting class?
A: All I can say is that you can expect it to get better. The coaches aren’t taking a day off with recruiting and they want the best players in the nation.
Q: What are some goals of yours you would like to achieve before you leave Michigan?
A: Well, obviously everyone’s goal is to win a championship such as the Big Ten championship and National championships. That’s something we will do.

Q: Henne, Harbaugh, Leach, Grbac, Brady, Greise. You’re playing in a historically important position for the University of Michigan. What’s it going to take to have your name included in the same breath with the all-time greats at the quarterback position?

A: All of those names mean so much to the program.  Combine them with the legendary coaches and they made Michigan what it is today, “greatness.” For me to be considered with those names, it will take a tremendous effort and hard work for 4-5 years and not taking a day off. I want more than anything to go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in Michigan history. But, I know what it is going to take and I need to start working toward it right now.

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