Monday Monologue: 3.05.12

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Lance Gordon

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Monday Monologue 03.05.12

Nick Mangold’s sister, who checks in at 5’8″ and 340 pounds, was seen at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH on Saturday, competing in various lifting events. Her biggest victory over the weekend, however, was capturing the crown in the “Miss Ohio” beauty contest.

The Arnold Classic is hosted annually by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The Ohio-based event attracts some of the world’s strongest and most talented athletes. This is the exact opposite of the recruiting trail, where Ohio’s most talented football players leave the state to play for Brady Hoke.

Many Ohio people came up to the Breslin Center yesterday to watch their Buckeyes take on the Spartans in men’s basketball. It was the largest gathering of people with poor tastes since Nickelback’s last tour.

The good news when those teams play is that one of them will lose. Unfortunately of course, that means the other will win. Unless the best case scenario occurs, which is when the team that wins the game will eventually be forced to vacate the win, due to rules violations, then they both lose. Always a strong possibility when that school in Ohio is involved.

The stock market has really rebounded lately, and investors have seen great recovery from their portfolios. Experts say that just about every stock will continue to rise, with the obvious exception of Jared Sullinger’s draft stock.

2013 RB recruit Alvin Kamara  reportedly received 105 pieces of mail from the Alabama Crimson Tide in one day. While this may seem excessive, I’ll bet Michigan verbal commit Dymonte Thomas wishes Urban Meyer sent him ONLY 105 letters per day. Even the creators of male enhancement email spam think Meyer is trying too hard to steal a Michigan commit.

Looking forward to the Big Ten Tournament this week. Michigan won the inaugural tourney in 1998, beating Purdue  in the finals 76-67, despite a great effort from the Boilermakers’ star player Robbie Hummel.

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