Monday Monologue 03.26.12

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Monday Monologue 03.26.12

That school in Ohio made the Final 4. An impressive accomplishment until you examine the teams they beat to get there, as they pretty much had a police escort to New Orleans. Buckeye student athletes aren’t used to being behind police cars, but they are quite accustomed to riding in the backseat.

MSU put up a lousy showing Thursday against Louisville. In typical little brother fashion, Sparty responded by rioting and burning couches. If you live in East Lansing and want to keep your couch safe from MSU rioters, have it shipped to Pasadena. No MSU fan has ever been there.

The 44 points MSU scored against Louisville are so pathetic, they make Brandon Inge’s spring training batting average look impressive.

Shaka Smart of VCU turned down the Illinois basketball job this week. At this point, even Blockbuster Video thinks the University of Illinois is irrelevant.

A report came out yesterday that Arizona football was having trouble learning Rich Rodriguez’s system. In other earth-shattering news, Brian Kelly has anger management issues, bacon tastes good, and the sun came up today.

University of North Dakota is considered one of the favorites to win the hockey national championship. I think the thrill of winning the championship would last for about 2 minutes, and then you’d realize you live in North Dakota, so life would suck again.

Yesterday, Kentucky blew Baylor out. The only question up for debate was who had the more bizarre uni: Baylor or Anthony Davis. (HT: @burnSTYLEr)

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