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A certain former Michigan wide receiver is hungry, he has to eat. If one is hungry, then they all have to eat.

Eating is newest phenomena amongst the Michigan Wolverine football squad, and I’m not talking about the nutritional way of surviving.

EATING [ee-ting]

1. Slang used to indicate success in ones life, i.e. the figurative opposite of starving.

Martavious Odoms utilizes the term eating to fuel his charity, Hope For Pahokee, a non-profit organization that has come together to help the economical depression stricken city of Pahokee, Fl.

With the profits made from his charity, Odoms is supporting tutoring and homework assistance, after school and summer programs, financial literacy for children, health and nutrition classes (including nutritious snacks), and recreational classes.

What can be done to help Odoms and the city of Pahokee? Easy answer. By either donating or browsing the shop to purchase an #EATING shirt and wristbands. Some of us have been lucky to attend a school district and city that hasn’t been under financial distress, it’s time to give back. It’s time for the next generation to get a chance to catch up.

Join Odoms and the rest of the Michigan family by joining in on the #EATING movement on Twitter and follow @hopeforpahokee for the latest news and updates on Odom’s charity. You can also find the Hope For Pahokee website, here.

Ask yourself this, have you been #EATING lately?

Derek Devine
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