Twitter Fan of the Week: Tommy Cummings!

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Tommy Cummings (middle) with Buckeye family members.

To continue the living in enemy territory theme, WolverineCENTRAL has selected Tommy Cummings as our Twitter fan of the week!

Tommy lives in the heart of Columbus, and took some time out to answer a few questions about his experiences.

Q: Talk about what it’s like to be a Michigan fan in enemy territory.

A: It can be crazy at times! Especially when we win. All of my friends and family are suckeye fans! I’m even engaged to one! We have a doormat that has a Block M and a Block o that says “House Divided!” I get a lot of dirty looks when I go out in Michigan gear! I have about 20 hats and only 2 of them aren’t Michigan! During Ohio week I get a lot of people giving me the one finger salute! But, every once in awhile I will get a GO BLUE!

Q: How did you start becoming a fan? Are you originally from Michigan?

A: I’m originally from Columbus. As a matter of fact I was born at that school in Columbus hospital. I tell everyone that they forgot to drop me on my head when I was born! That gets a lot of laughs! I started liking Michigan when I was 5. I loved the helmets! Who doesn’t! But as I started to learn more about and playing football I was like wow this team is GREAT! Why would you root for a team that always loses! I grew up when we dominated the series. I loved hearing the suckeye fans cry and say “we will get them next year!” It was music to my ears!

Q: In your opinion, what is it about Ohio you just cannot stand? I understand they are our rivals. But why do you hate them?

A: They reason I hate Ohio is that the fans are so arrogant! If we win by 3 it was luck or the other team played like crap! But if they win by 3 it is because it was a hard fought game and the other team played above themselves because they were playing Ohio. And when their players get in trouble it is because the NCAA is after them to try to stop them from dominating the B1G! 

Q: Talk about your favorite Michigan, or Big House, memory.

A: My favorite Michigan stadium moment is when I was 12 we went on vacation to Michigan and my mom made my dad who is a huge suckeye fan take me to see the BIG HOUSE! We got to walk into the stadium and I even got to walk down on the field! My parents have a pictures of me standing in the end zone and at mid field on the Block M! It was so cool. I have never been lucky enough yet to go to a game. So if anyone wants to take me I’m open!

Q: Who is your favorite Michigan player and why?

A: My favorite michigan player of all times is Charles Woodson! He is the definition of a “Michigan Man!” The way he gives to the Motts Hospital and works out and talks to the players. He is a great role model to them. Not to mention he is the only true defensive player to when the Heisman. Right now Jordan Kovacs is my favorite player. The way he goes 100% all the time! He walked on and never gave up his dream to play for Michigan and now he is making the most of it!

Q: Talk a little about the transition from Rich Rod to Hoke, and the job Hoke has done so far.

A: I would love to forget the whole Rich Rod era! But, now we have a coach in Hoke who knows what Michigan football is about! With Rich Rod it was all about his offense. With Hoke it is about the team, the team, the team!  That was proven this year! He had the same kids and got them to play as a team! 10-2 beat ohio for the first time in 7 years, and BCS Sugar Bowl Champions! We didn’t hear players saying team 131 or 130 when RR was here! But now we hear them saying TEAM 132 and now TEAM 133! We have a top five class coming in. It just proves kids want to play for Hoke and Michigan!

Q: Now is the time for a little self-promotion. Why should people decide to give you a follow on Twitter?

A: Why should people follow me? I love Michigan! Not only that I will give you my honest opinion. I will follow anyone back! I not only talk Michigan I will talk all sports! One exception is hockey. Not that I don’t like it. I just don’t know much about it.

Q: What are your expectations for the 2012 football season?

A: I feel TEAM 133 is headed to the B1G Championship game! A Rose Bowl win if not a National Championship! I expect us to Beat Ohio in that Goat Shoe! And the icing on the cake is to beat our little brother and put them back in their place at the kids table!

If you would like to follow Tommy Cummings on Twitter, you can follow him at @TommyCummings22!

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