Recruit Spotlight: Jourdan Lewis

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2013 WR/DB Jourdan Lewis has Michigan high on his interest list, perhaps even the leader with Michigan and Toledo being the only two schools that have an offer for this 4* recruit. Though he still has his Senior season to perform, I expect more offers for him in the near future.

Hands: After watching his Junior highlights, I was impressed. Of course, with Lewis being a WR, naturally, he has good hands. Fred Jackson is recruiting Lewis to be a cornerback, so this is a valuable trait to have. In the tape, Lewis had a nice interception against everyone’s favorite recruit, Shane Morris. Take it as you’d like.

Play-Maker: Lewis is a ballhawk, there is no other way to put it. He makes great reads and his reaction time is top notch. As said before, being a WR also helps him out with these skills as well.

“Get away speed”: Lewis is very quick and athletic. He has the ability to make the tackler miss and hit that second or third gear to escape from the defenders. This was displayed in his kick returning ability, as he outran his competition often. This will also help him on the defensive side of the ball as he is tough to stop coming off the line and especially tough to catch if pick-six opportunities would arise.

Coverage: I find his coverage game to be a strength, Lewis rarely loses a defender. He always plays his receiver with bump-and-run coverage and makes solid plays to force the defender from the ball. Lewis is a great tackler, always wraps up

My Verdict?: Lewis has the potential to be an excellent addition to this class, though I don’t necessarily see him as a type of kid to blow the coaches away and start game one. I can see Lewis be a Courtney Avery type of player that contributes when given an opportunity. Lewis has said that he would like to get an offer from USC as he sick of the Michigan weather. We’ll see if that plays a factor in to his recruiting.

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