Q & A Sessions: Royce Jenkins-Stone

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2012 commit Royce Jenkins-Stone (4* LB) sat down with me to answer a few questions. More importantly, Royce answers questions regarding some tweets he had about Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner. Read onward to find out more!

Q: How is your excitement level right now to get on the field and prove yourself to the Michigan coaches? Do you feel you could start as a true freshman?

A: Yes, I am trying to get on the field as soon as I can. Play both MLB or OLB is possible. I wish I enrolled early like I planned to. But that just makes me want to work harder.

Q: What are your goals during your career with Michigan? Are there any in particular that stands out the most to you?

A: No, not really. Just to become a leader of the team, and just play my heart out every game. All that Big Ten and All-American status’ will fall into place.

Q: I know this created a bit of a stir on Twitter. But, can you expand on your tweet regarding Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner? Maybe explain your thoughts behind the tweets?

A: I was just thinking about how Devin’s just not playing. It’s not because he’s not a good quarterback, it’s because Denard is still there. I just had an opinion, that’s it. Didn’t think it was that serious.

Q: Do you feel Devin Gardner is the better quarterback? Or were you just feeling bad for your friend?

A: I think both are game-changers if you give Devin the equal number of snaps, and yes, I’m also feeling down for a friend and soon to be teammate.

Q: How does it feel to know that with Shane Morris coming in next year, that it has the possibility to complicate Devin’s playing time further?

A: I hope all three of them get equal chances of making it big. I just would’ve liked to have seen Devin starting and Denard going to the NFL.

Q: How much does beating a team like Ohio State mean to you? Do you feel like the teams you will play with can 4-0 during your career?

A: I’ll feel great about going 4-0, or even better 3-0 against Ohio State. I mean, what Wolverine wouldn’t? Come on now.

Q: 3-0? Are you referring to the possibility of leaving school early as a Junior?

A: Yes, I may possibly go to the draft early. Hopefully.

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