The Savior of Michigan Football

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He approached the podium on a cold day in January with the composure of a thousand men. The posture of a Schembechler understudy, even his stature was an aura of light that beckoned to all who wanted to believe in him. His message was clear, “I am a Michigan man”. He made proclamations that he would’ve walked to Ann Arbor, reminded us all that the game against “Ohio” is personal and that this is Michigan, “fergodsake”. Most importantly, he was precise.

Underneath the Harbaugh’s, the Miles’ and everything else in between. This man sat waiting patiently, that maybe one day he will get the call he has been waiting for since he left the program in 2002. A man, so it seemed, where everything he touched turned to gold, or maize, so to speak.

Ball State, 12-1. San Diego State, 9-4. The University of Michigan, 10-2. The records don’t lie, this man knows how to coach.

Brady Hoke, our fearless leader, was given the formidable task to restore Michigan football to it’s former glory and to unite a broken alumnus and fan base system that was once harmonized into a fine-tuned juggernaut. Hoke has done more for a university in less than a calendar year than most men could achieve in three.

Here we are in December, closing in on a month since Ohio’s recent dominance over Michigan can be overlooked for a year, a thrilling 40-34 victory at home, for all 114,000+ fans to enjoy and savor for an eternity. We are attending a BCS bowl game, three years removed from a 3-9 season. This is a different team, you don’t need a 10-2 season to prove this. We are approaching a new era of Michigan football by bringing back what they thrived on, tradition.

Tradition is quite like a dear friend. You love the company, but miss it terribly when it’s gone. During the previous regime, tradition was ignored, shunned for new and fresh ideas. Hoke knows that the University of Michigan is nothing without it’s rich history and traditions passed down from coach-to -coach.

Welcome back clam chowder on Friday night, we’ve missed the suits worn during the team walk before games. We yearned for the pro-style offense, when everything else didn’t seem quite right.

Brady Hoke is the epitome of Michigan football. His passion for the school rivals only one man synonymous with the University of Michigan. A man who preached toughness, pushed for greatness and spoke about the team, the team, the team. This man’s name is etched on a trophy Brady Hoke won because of the team. The Schembechler-Hayes B1G Coach of the Year Award. Bo is looking down on the University smiling, because Brady Hoke has brought them together again.

He could’ve went anywhere, walked thousands of miles to any school. But love and passion lead him back to Ann Arbor, and we couldn’t be happier to have him.

Derek Devine
Institutional voice of Alma College during the day, Michigan fanatic at night. Taking TBHR to the next level one post at a time.

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