Hoke Reveals Denard Robinson Suffered Staph Infection

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During an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Michigan head coach Brady Hoke revealed that quarterback Denard Robinson suffered a staph infection on one of his forearms (though I assume it’s the left arm). The infection was so bad that Denard required an emergency procedure that almost cost him a start. The following excerpt from the Freep article includes Hoke discussing Robinson’s injuries.

“He had a staph infection, he had a lot of different problems he went through during the course of the season,” U-M coach Brady Hoke said today. “His elbow, his hand, he had an abdominal problem. He’s a tough guy. He played with it. He was so much healthier and more confident at the same time.”

This would explain his sudden reemergence the last few games of the season. Was Denard actually fully healthy during the Nebraska and Ohio State games? Or was he unhealthy during the losses to Michigan State or Iowa? Denard is too tough of a guy to ever answer those questions, especially considering we are just now finding out about midseason injuries.

Derek Devine
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