Michigan Football: Fans Give Bold Predictions on Team 135

As we inch closer and closer to the 2014 football season, this is about the time where people start to really ramp up their excitement and make predictions on what they think their team will do this year and so on. Fans of the University of Michigan football program are no exception.

I took to Twitter earlier this week to get the pulse of Wolverine nation and see what their thoughts are on Team 135.

A simple question: What are your bold predictions for this season? We received a ton of feedback and some really good stuff. This is a very polarizing team right now, so naturally predictions were all over the board. Enjoy!

There you have it. Sizzling hot Michigan takes from all over the likes of Twitter. Thanks to all who participated. If you have bold predictions of your own, tweet them to us or sound off in the comments below!

What Another “Down” Year Means For Michigan Football

Maybe it was the four (4) point loss to Nebraska at home, maybe it was the twenty-three (23) point loss to Michigan State on the road; whatever it was, Brady Hoke has been in hot water with the football program for close to a year now.

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Michigan Basketball: 2014-15 Non-Conference Schedule Announced

The University of Michigan basketball program officially announced their 2014-15 slate of non-conference games on Tuesday afternoon, giving us the final glimpse at what the upcoming season will have to offer. Continue reading

Top 2015 Running Back Targets Coming to the Big House

The annual BBQ at the Big House is set for July 27th and two of  Michigan’s top targets for the class of 2015 are expected to attend.  Both running backs Mike Weber and Damien Harris have stated they will be at this great event. The BBQ allows recruiting targets along with some who are already committed to the Michigan Wolverines to come meet each other and see the greatest stadium in college football. Declared as an unofficial visit, this allows them to also meet the coaches and have a relaxing day while enjoying the Michigan experience.

Coach Rich Rodriguez started the BBQ at the Big House in 2011. It has become bigger and better every year. This year will be no different with these top running backs headlining the day. For Michigan to bring in both of these guys on the same day is a big step in getting a verbal commitment.

Harris, a five-star recruit from Kentucky, is a former Wolverine verbal commit. He de-committed back in January and has had a lot of interest from Kentucky, Ohio St and Alabama. It was shortly after last years BBQ that Harris pledged to play football at Michigan, so this visit is giving Michigan fans hope that he will decide to commit again.  Harris is the top tailback in the country according to rivals.com and has great speed, power and vision. He is what Michigan needs to help get the running game back to where it once was.

Weber, a four-star recruit from Cass Tech in Detroit, is the number ten running back in the nation. He is also  one that could boost the running game with his speed and vision. Weber is being recruited by Ohio St, Michigan St, Wisconsin and a recent offer by Miami, but is believed to still hold Michigan pretty high.

The Wolverine coaching staff will be at the top of their game come time for the BBQ with both Harris and Weber in attendance. Just think of the stable of backs Michigan would have if some how both of these guys commit!  Add them to Green, Smith and Issac and the Wolverine running game will be lethal. Both Harris and Weber are about the same size, have similar vision and each can step in right away and play. I don’t know about you Michigan fans but I am excited to hear the results from this years BBQ at the Big House!

Opinion: Hyperbole and ‘Buying In’

First, let me apologize to the staff of this site for not producing as much content as I should. Studying engineering means my life is largely dominated by equations and numbers – sometimes it’s nice to take a break and wax poetic about something as simple as a football game, but July just isn’t always a great time to do so. The offseason has become a time for wearied fans to jockey over which program holds the ethical high ground over their foes or for perpetually-aggrieved Ohioans to write scathing articles about 17 year-old kids’ social-media habits. Despite all of that, Michigan Football stays on the brain. Continue reading

TBHR Staff Voting: Who Will be Michigan Football’s MVP?

We’re kicking off the summer with some good stuff at The Big House Report. We have a whole slew of polls waiting to be unleashed, but we start with what I assume will be a favorite of most: Team MVP. And the question is a simple one. Who will be Michigan football‘s MVP this 2014 season?

I gathered any and all staff willing to participate in this series, and I received a decent variety of answers. As you can imagine, Devin Gardner was a popular pick. But to the surprise of myself and probably you, two defensive players found their way into the voting. It seems we grabbed talent from all across the board. After each staff member submitted a vote, I asked them to give me a confidence number (from one to 10), as well as an explanation as to why they chose who they did.

So here we go.

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2014 Player Expectations: Derrick Green

One of the players I’m most excited to see perform this season is running back Derrick Green. I think we can all agree his freshman season wasn’t anything spectacular — it was more disappointing than anything else — but with all the potential he possesses, as well as being equipped with a new offensive coordinator who’s going to look to give him the ball, I don’t think it would be unfair to step out on a limb and demand some hefty results from Green this season.

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Michigan Football Recruiting: 2015 Class Predictions, 2.0

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